Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with Nathan’s family.  The kids did their usual gift exchange and loved all the things they got.


Especially Layton.  He loved it so much it was more important for the gift to be in the picture rather than his face.


Then it was time for opening presents from Nana and Grandpa.  Talk about chaos.  Whew!!!!


Dallin was super excited to get a mini-video recorder and Mandy has been loving her new magic set.


Then we had a bit of a crazy hair moment.  Don’t you just love their new looks?


I think it looks particularly awesome on Nathan.  He could totally pull off a look like that, don’t you think?

And then it was time for the annual nativity.  Dallin was a wise man, Mandy the Angel, and Layton was Joseph.


Nathan even good naturedly agreed to be the donkey and carried Ryan in on his back while Layton “led” him.


Then it was time for Mary to have her baby.


Oddly enough, it came out the wrong way and looked like a stuff animal.


But then magically it looked like a baby again.


The angel came and told the shepherds of Christ’s birth.


And then the wise men came from the east


and gathered close (and I mean really close) around to worship the child Jesus.


It was a super cute Nativity!  Even if Annabelle was giving us the evil eye!


It was wonderful being together with everyone!



Laurel Shaw said...

Love it! We know about chaos!! That's how it is at my moms house with all our cousins!! I love the memories my kids will have of grandma and grandpas house (especially at Christmas!!)
Nathan is amazing! He can pull off the wig and the donkey outfit! :)

Kim Jarvis said...

It was chaos - but the really good kind of chaos! We loved every minute of being with everyone. Wish it wasn't going to be so long until the next time!

Stacy said...

Oh man, Annabelle was NOT having it... she was Mary in my in-laws Nativity play and after her performance in the Jarvis one you can imagine how that went!