Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Morning

Santa was very good to us this year.  He snuck into our house and set out all of this:


The kids were so happy to get the the one thing they really really wanted – SCOOTERS!  So fun!


After a moment enjoying their scooters the present opening began!  Layton was so very happy to get more cars and even the Cars 2 movie.


And of course he loved getting his very own set of Legos, which happened to be from us not Santa.  That was one smart purchase!  All of the kids have spent hours playing with them during the last week and a half.


Mandy got a microphone, magic clay dough, a new board game and a jewelry making kit.  She loved it all!


Dallin got a new video game for the PS3 and a few new games for his DS, plus some legos of his own. 


But I think his most exciting gift was a BB gun.  This BB gun was extra special because it belonged to Nathan when he was a kid.


The kids also wanted to give presents to each other.  More than just empty chocolate milk cartons :)  So I gave them a list of extra chores they could do (you know stuff like clean out the van, vacuum the van, dust, scrub the tub, organize the bookshelf, etc.).  They earned 50 cent for each chore they completed.  And then I took them by themselves on a shopping to trip the dollar area at Target and AC Moore.  They LOVED doing this.  The had so much fun with the secrecy of it :)  Somehow with the craziness of that morning I didn’t get pictures of what all they gave to each other, but here are a couple.


Dallin gave Mandy some glow stick earrings (which she loved, even if she does look funny in that picture) and a little art project thing and to Layton he gave a tiny stuffed animal and a Lightning McQueen paint set (you can imagine how ecstatic Layton was!)  Mandy gave Dallin a miniature Lego set and to Layton a little car.  Again they LOVED it.  Layton gave Mandy a slinky and to Dallin a mini-Knex set.  These were among their very favorite gifts.

After the present opening we headed to church for a beautiful service.  Nathan sang a solo portion of the first verse of O Holy Night.  It was wonderful. The whole program was wonderful and just perfect to bring the spirit of Christ to our Christmas day.

We followed up church with our annual crepes.  And then the real playing began!



Dallin is getting pretty awesome with his aim.  These little targets also used to belong to Nathan when he was younger.


One of Layton’s favorite gifts was a stomp rocket.  I have to admit – it really is pretty fun!


I have to say – this has to be one of my most favorite Christmases.


Stacy said...

Fun Christmas! Annabelle's cousin Jonah also got that stomp rocket and yes it is pretty fun!

KYLIA said...

Wowza! Remind me to book your Santa next year, he left some GOOD presents!! Just wanna say I hope Dallin is a better shot than Nathan...those targets look practically pristine!! :) Hehehehehe!!