Monday, January 16, 2012

Journal Treat Jar

On the first Sunday of the this year, Sister Roberts gave a talk about keeping journals.  It was really fantastic and inspiring.  Then while in Relief Society, she shared a few more ideas about journaling with your children.  One idea that I just loved, was having a journaling cookie jar.  She explained that when her boys were small, she had a special cookie jar that she kept well stocked with animal crackers.  Each time she and her boys sat down to write in their journals, they would eat a few cookies from the journal jar.  She said her boys LOVED journal time and would beg to write in their journals – mostly so they could get cookies, but also because it was a time that they sat down to do something together as a family.

So I decided to use her idea and try it with my own kids.  So here we have the Journal Treat Jar:


I decided to call it a “treat” jar rather than cookie jar so that I can change out what kind of snacks I put in there to hopefully keep them excited about it.  This is just a $5 canister that I picked up from Wal-mart, a piece of ribbon and a little title card I made on the computer and printed out.

To go along with it, I also made an “idea” jar filled with questions for times that they need an idea to write about.  These I also just made on the computer, printed out and then laminated them to hopefully keep them in condition to be used over and over.  Here is a sampling of some of the questions I put on them:



To get us started, I bought a few notebooks and stickers and let them decorate their journals to make it their own.


And then we started writing!  Layton of course doesn’t write anything, instead he draws a picture about whatever subject he chooses.


We only write in them once a week and they are loving the experience.  And I am loving what they are writing.  During our last journal time, Dallin pulled a card from the idea jar and was asked to share a memory about Mama Doris (my grandmother).  This is what he wrote:


I thought it was so cute and I am so glad that we have it recorded to go back and look at it over and over.


Pam said...

Fabulous idea! I also love the question cards to help give ideas of something to write about. What a treasure it will be when Dallin reads his journal years from now and see his "illustrations." : )

Gretchen said...

So neat that he has memories of Aunt Doris. This is a neat idea.

Becky Shuler said...

What happy memories Dallin's Journal brought back. Anytime you were coming over Mama insisted that I pick up some Honey Buns for Dallin. She does love her great grands! PS: Thank you so much for Saturday.

Morgan and Holly said...

What an awesome idea! I will definitely be doing this when I have kids one day!

Laurel Shaw said...

This is such a great idea!!
I love what Dallin wrote!

Kim Jarvis said...

We have similar cards with thoughts of things to write down. We just never use them. I am bad about that. You've inspired me to pull them out and try again! Maybe the treats will motivate me too!

Lena said...

Today Emily wrote in her journal: "My daddy will be deployed soon. I will miss him." :(
Those are some great ideas, thank you for sharing, i will definitely use them to make our journal time exciting.