Monday, February 27, 2012

Fresh Whole Wheat Flour

I am so excited that I can now take this:


And turn it into this:


Whoo-hoo!!  Or maybe I should say – Yum-Yum!

Nathan got a little bonus at work and he let me spend some of it to buy a Nutrimill.


So now I can grind my own flour anytime I like.  It is surprisingly fast.  You can grind about 6 cups of flour in less than two minutes.  I’m excited to try out some different types of flour, like flour make from Oat Groat, Amaranth, Quinoa, and Spelt.  It is going to be both fun and yummy!

And what is the first thing that I made with my freshly ground whole wheat flour?  Why chocolate chip cookies, of course!  It is only logical you know.  And they were very yummy and the kids never even suspected that they were made with whole wheat flour!


I have since make a couple loafs of bread which promptly fell (I’m thinking I didn’t use enough flour) and then some rolls and pizza dough which turned out perfectly.

Just call me Molly!  I’m feeling very deserving of the title at the moment :)


Laurel Shaw said...

That's a handy machine!!
I'd make cookies first too!:)

Stacy said...

K, I am emailing you a simple and delicious whole wheat bread recipe from a woman in my ward. I took her class and baked this bread myself and it turned out... which is amazing for me! Do you have a kitchen aid? It's best--and easiest--with one.

Kelly said...

Cookies... perfect treat!
You are AWESOME!

Becky Shuler said...

Way to go! We got a Kitchen Aide attachment that grinds wheat or oatmeal and we love it! So handy to have and makes using our wheat food storage much easier. I'll have to try sneaking wheat flour into cookies. What a great idea!

Casey Gentle said...

Molly, I am SOOO excited for you. I know you've had to patience Job just waiting. Yay for you. And maybe I'll use some of my whole wheat baking flour to bake up something delicious, too!! :)

Becky Shuler said...

Way to go!!!!I just bought a Blendtec Kitchen Mill which is not nearly as nice as the Nutrimill which is rated #1. It had a broken part and I had a broken heart when I couldn't use it immediately. The company is sending a new one which should be here next week. If you find some exceptional and easy recipes don't forget to share!