Monday, February 6, 2012

Working Hard

A couple months ago Layton went over to Nana’s house while I went to a dentist appointment.  While I was gone, Nana put him to work.

He vacuumed,


he wiped,


he disinfected,


and he cleaned the toilet.


And had a wonderful time doing it.  Now every time he goes over there by himself, he asks Nana if he can clean.  Now I just need to get him to want to do it all the time at my house :)

(Thanks Nana for the pictures!)


Nana said...

He is such a good helper and we have so much fun together.

Bre Jarvis said...

You think he could clean my room for me? (:

Kim Jarvis said...

We need Nana to come to our house and get my kids motivated to clean!

He's a cutie!

Casey Gentle said...

Drop him off anytime! Or maybe I should drop Marky off to Nana and she can help train him, too. He does dishes and puts his clothes in the laundry basket, now if we can get him to keep up with Layton!!