Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Farmer’s Market

A number of people have told me about the farmer’s market, but I  just this month FINALLY made it out there.  And boy have I been missing out!

IMG_3475 copy

I bought all of the above for only $28.  It would easily have cost double that at the grocery store.  And I have had a blast using it all up.  Those strawberries were perfectly ripe, so I had to get them stored immediately.  We ate a whole bunch of them in crepes, I cut off the tops and froze about half of them to use in smoothies, and then the rest of them I pureed in the blender and turned in to fruit roll ups.  YUM!

It was quite the little trip to there, so if anyone around here wants to carpool with me and split the gas, I’d love to go again soon!  They are open everyday, so one day after dropping the kids off at school I’d love to head over there! 


Laurel Shaw said...

YOu know I would love to go!!!
WHich one did you go to?
Everything looks delish!

KYLIA said...

You know, we have one of those here in my office complex every Monday and I never go over there? Guess I should mark it on my calendar because that stuff looks yummmmmmmy!

Kelly said...

Yummo.. Count me In! I wanna come! I wanna hear what kind of meals you are brewing up with all those treasures!

Katheryn said...

Laurel, I went to the one Beaver street, you know in the ghetto part of town :) Just let me know when you can go and we'll head out!

Kylia, you really need to jump on that. How cool that they have one right at your office building!

Kelly, come on girl. You need to get yourself down here ASAP and come with me!