Friday, March 16, 2012


For the past few weeks Dallin’s class has been doing a social studies unit on Mexico.  So how better to end the unit that with a fiesta!  Layton and I were super happy to get to go join him!


There are several parents in the class that are of Mexican decent so they brought in some food for the class and shared some of their customs.  They even did a demonstration on how to make a pinata.

They brought in all kinds of food.  Tacos, chips, salsa, Mexican candy, and even little individual cups of flan.  Dallin LOVED the flan!


They also shared a little about their Easter customs since it is coming up soon.  One thing that they do is all throughout the year, every time they use an egg while cooking, they break it on the very end, empty it out, wash it and save it.  Then at Easter time they color the egg shells, fill them with confetti and then cover the end with a little piece of tissue.  It is then the custom to have egg fights with them.  The best part is trying to break one on someone’s head and shower them in confetti.  It is apparently considered good luck!


They are called cascarones.  They sound super fun to me.  We might just have to add them to our Easter traditions as well.

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