Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gymnastics and Pretty Places

Mandy got tired of doing ballet a couple months ago and started begging to do gymnastics.  So we found a place for her and she has been loving it!IMG_3831

She is definitely very bendy!

While she goes to gymnastics, we have been spending the hour at a park along Black Creek.  And having a blast!


It is such a pretty place.


Along one of the paths, the boys found a long vine hanging down and love playing Tarzan on it.


It also has a paved path that is perfect for running, walking, biking, and especially scooter riding.


I sure do love spending time with them!  Although, I must admit, I miss Mandy not being there with us.


Laurel Shaw said...

Thats so cool Mandy!!
That really is a pretty place! I'd love to take the boys sometime!:)

Kelly said...

Ooo looks like we may have to join you in Gymnastics.. My girls want to do that too. I think he hanging out with the boys looks amazing! I wanna play!