Friday, March 30, 2012


Yesterday morning Mandy was dancing in the living room and Dallin was standing beside her goofing off.  Mandy flung out her hand in one of her dance moves and her fingernail scraped across the front of Dallin’s eye.  At first when Dallin started crying about it, I thought it would just be the usual little moment of pain and then it would pass and he would be fine.  But after a couple minutes he was still complaining about how much it hurt.  So I took a look in his eye and sure enough you could actually see a little scratch across the front of his eyeball.  Thank goodness it wasn’t bleeding or I think I would have passed out. 


So we went to see the eye doctor and now he has to have drops in his eyes twice a day to prevent infection and he has to take it easy for a bit.   Which he is pretty happy about because it meant no school yesterday and no school today! Hopefully though, he should be back to normal in no time at all!  In fact he says that it is not bothering him nearly as much today, so I think it must be healing up pretty quickly.

Oh the crazy things that happen when you have kids.


Nana said...

Poor Guy. I had that happen to me once when Maren was a baby and did it to me. It really hurt. I had to wear a patch for a few days. I bet Dalllin would have liked to do that. He could be a pirate. Will he be able to play on Sat?

Kim Jarvis said...

Ouch is right! I remember when that happened to Robert White. He was a grown man and he was in a lot of pain. Poor Dallin! :(

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh.. makes my eyes water thinking about it! Give him a kiss for me! He looks Totally TOUGH in those Glasses!
Feild trip looks like Fun!

Lea Whittaker said...

Poor guy.... this happened to me when I was little too.... Paul's finger went in my eye. I hope he does the drops better than I did... I hated them (funny I still remember that;)Hope he recovers quickly!