Monday, March 26, 2012

A Quiet Day at the Park

And when I say quiet, I really mean quiet!  We decided to go to the park for a picnic and a little playtime.  We were literally the only people there.  And it was a Saturday too.  Kind of surprised me! 

The kids wanted it to be a “real” picnic, so I pulled out the picnic basket from the attic and grabbed a blanket.


Isn’t it a pretty quilt?  It was hand stitched by my great-grandmother, Grandma Sims.  It is crazy looking at the stitching on it.  Each stitch is so tiny and perfect. She had some serious talent.

To make packing our basket easier, we just grabbed some subs from Subway. 


I know, I should have carefully and lovingly crafted each sandwich and made homemade treats to go with it (please note the heavy sarcasm) – but that is just not the kind of mom I am :)  And my kids love me for it :)


It was very yummy, quiet, and lots of fun.  We hope to do it again soon!


Nana said...

It's the time spent with kids not the food so much that matters to kids. And that's what you give them.

Becky Shuler said...

Oooooh...what a lovely quilt! Grandma was incredible. That particular pattern is called "Lone Star" and is very difficult to make. I am so glad you use things instead of letting them never see the light of day. Mema

Laurel Shaw said...

That is a beautiful quilt!
and that picnic basket is awesome!
I bet it was nice to have the park all to yourselves! :)

Stacy said...

You made me laugh. I feel like that so many times when browsing Pinterest, like who does this crap??? Honestly, I don't think any sandwich I make would taste better than Subway... or Firehouse... oh my mouth is watering! The only thing that could have made it better is if we could have been there with you. :)

Janie Mueller said...

BEAUTIFIL quilt.. I couldn't take my eyes off of it! I love to read about all the fun your family has