Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baskets and Eggs

Saturday morning brought us a visit from the Easter Bunny!!!  That rascal always likes to hide their baskets from them.  Crazy bunny!


They loved all their gifts and then were ready for an egg hunt.


This one was EGGxtra special because some of the eggs had money in them.  Layton was really in to that :)


After a few hours at a baseball game, we decided to decorate eggs.  But not just any eggs – rice krispie eggs – Yum – Yum!! 


And then we closed the evening with my favorite video of the Savior’s last days, The Lamb of God.  There are several other videos now about the end of Christ’s life, but this one still draws me in.  I think part of it is the musical score.  It is awesome!  One of my favorite scenes in the movie is the exchange between Christ and Pilate.  It is at the 3 minute mark in the clip below.  (The clip below is only the first of three parts of the movie, you can see the other two here and here.)

Pilate asks, “Art thou a king then?”  And Christ answers, “To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world.”  John 18:37

That exchange just holds something for me and makes me think of my own purpose in coming into this world.  Am I fulfilling it?  I don’t fully know the answer to that question, but hope I am.  Believing in Christ and having faith in His teaching certainly makes me feel like I am on the right path.


Nana said...

You all have such fun Easter tradiions. I wish I could have been half as creative.

Janie Mueller said...

i agree with Nana:)

Laurel Shaw said...

Im pretty sure you are on the right path!
Your kids are so cute! It
Looks like they had a really fun morning!

minnieshuler said...

It was so wonderful to celebrate Easter with you and enjoy your Passover Feast. Thanks so much. Mama