Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Layton’s Birthday – Part 2 – Busytown Mysteries Party

This past Saturday we had a small family birthday party.  Really really small.  Our kids were the only ones there.  And it was nice!  I think I’ll do more parties like that!

Layton and Mandy have been watching Busytown Mysteries on Netflix and LOVE it.  I have to admit it really is a cute little show.  So of course Layton wanted to have a birthday party theme of what he is most interested in at the moment.  Which is fine by me.  I’m just shocked it wasn’t CARS!

We didn’t do anything fancy, just a few little decorations,




little goodie bags, which included everything they would need to be a good detective,


and then they played a Busytown Mysteries board game.  And have played it every day since then too :)


And then it was candle blowing time


and most importantly present time!


His most favorite present was of course his bike!


Just look at him go!



Kim Jarvis said...

Looks fun! The girls really liked their goody bags. Thanks for sharing! I know what you mean about how it's nice to have a smaller crowd sometimes, but I hope that we get to make it to some of your kids' parties sometime soon!

Laurel Shaw said...

He looks like a pro on that awesome red bike!
Go Layton Go!!!

Stacy said...

I second EVERYTHING Kim said... we really miss being at family parties. That goody bag seriously kept Annabelle entertained during our drive home!

Nana said...

It was fun and he had a blast. But ofcource he would have loved the cousins to be there. I'm so glad they all love each other so much. It warms my heart. And Katheryn the cupcakes were yum. I had two.

KYLIA said...

He looks so darn big on that bike! Who gave him permission to get that big?!!! Looks like a fun birthday party...and not a lot of clean up ...WIN! WIN!