Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Learn Spanish from Layton

Lately Layton has gotten into this thing where he likes to name things in “Spanish”.  He does know a couple of real Spanish words, but for the most part he just makes them up.  Here are a few examples:

Water – hunto

Shirt – dabber

No – quanto

Shoes – topper

Car – doppy

Food – copper

Mommy – tumpy

Book – choppy

Paper – chopper

Desk – compy

It totally cracks me up because he is completely serious when he tells what the “Spanish” word is for something.  That boy is a mess!



Nana said...

Yes, he certainly is!

Kelly said...

You never know he may be a Spanish speaking elder one day.. Hes just getting early practice!
This weekend on our trip we went for a hike.. Maizie n Millie were speaking Spanish. (just make up words) we walked past many people they would say hola and then spat off jibber.. It was crazy the looks we got from people! Not sure if we were crazy or what? Such cute lil kids. I love you last post about additude. So cute.. Cute pic

minnieshuler said...

very insiteful tumpy