Monday, April 30, 2012


One night last week the kids were very excited to have their cousin come over to spend the night!  They were especially excited when they saw her arrive looking like this:


They had a great time that evening and then the next morning Dallin and Mandy had to head off to school.

So Bre hung out with Layton all day.  I was so impressed with how patient she was and that she didn’t mind that all he wanted to play with was Cars!


After school, they all went for an adventure in the woods.  Dallin thought he was super cool walking around with his BB gun.


They even drug out the pop up house to use as a tent.


They found the skeleton of a dead animal out there and thought they had made an amazing find.


They also went “fishing” in the little pond and even caught a few minnows.


After dinner, we put the kids to work picking up trash along the roadway in our neighborhood for our post-Earth Day family home evening.


The kids were very sad to see her go back to Nana’s.  Hopefully she and her sisters can come over for a sleepover some time this summer!


Nathan said...

We enjoyed having Bre! We miss all of our long distance family.

Kim Jarvis said...

She had a great time. Thanks for having her over and for putting her to work. ;)

Laurel Shaw said...

Time with cousins is always AWESOME! :)

Stacy Pettersen said...

Jealous... Annabelle would be in heaven having a sleepover at your house! She LOVES sleepovers! I don't know when our next trip to Florida is, but we'll have to arrange one. Or maybe we should throw all the kids in one room at the mountains! I remember doing that with my cousins growing up. :)