Monday, May 7, 2012

May Day

So am I the only one who grew up celebrating May Day?   I mentioned it to Nathan and he had NO clue what I was talking about.  He had never even heard of a Maypole.  Growing up, May Day was a big deal at our elementary school.  Every year, the 6th grade girls could participate in a beauty pageant/talent show.  Then all the school kids voted on who our May Day Queen would be.  One year, I was even in the May Day Queen’s court. 

May Day

Isn’t that dress lovely?  It was HAND MADE by my mom.  She is a wiz on the sewing machine!

One the big traditions of May Day is giving out flowers and treats to friends and neighbors.  So I found this cute craft and we did just that.


Hope everyone had a wonderful May Day!


Kim Jarvis said...

Very cute!

We always did something small at school for May Day. We'd do a traditional May Pole activity during PE and then talk about the holiday in class. No big pageants or anything - though that would've been fun!

Laurel Shaw said...

I just heard of May Day this year and it was because of the Riots going on. So, I thought May Day was evil!
But you look very cute in your dress and not at all evil!
Thanks for showing me the lighter side of May Day!!

Kelly said...

Never heard about that tradition but it sounds Fab! Who doesn't love a suprise and a treat. And treat looks darling! You look so cute in your amazing hand sewn dress! My mom use to sew clothes for all us kids. Not sure how they fit that into life? I can barley keep up what's on my plate.
You haven't changed much you still have that young face n happy smile !! Love ya
Your talk was awesome as usual! Wish I was in the crowd listening!!!

Nana said...

I knew about the May Day pole but don't remember celebrating it. That picture of you is real cute. I can see Layton in you.