Friday, June 1, 2012

End of Season Baseball Party

Another season of baseball is over and so we celebrated big this year.  The team met at Ronnie Van Zant park for a cook out and playing. 

Dallin borrowed a fishing pole from one of his friends and had a BLAST casting the lure out into the pond.


He never even got a nibble, but he didn’t seem to care!


The pond had lots of ducks and a TON of little ducklings.  It was crazy how many there were!


Mandy and Layton enjoyed throwing pieces of bread out to the ducks.


This is one the boys affectionately named “Aflac”.


Layton also showed off his awesome monkey bar skills.  He went all the way across without any help at all!


Then the boys received their trophies,


and even Nathan got special picture of the team.


We had a great time and we’re looking forward to next spring!

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Nana said...

We look forward to it too. We love watching Dallin play baseball.