Tuesday, June 5, 2012

School Party!

We went to a little end of school party last Thursday for Mandy’s class.


We were supposed to get to go outside and sit on blankets for lunch, but it was a little rainy and wet.  So Mandy just wanted to use the blanket to wrap up nice and warm.


Mandy has been so blessed with the teacher that she got this year for kindergarten.  Ms. Crane has been both a fun teacher and one that really pushes her students.  She goes way above and beyond to interest her students in learning.  She found out that Mandy was in to gymnastics so she did a whole little unit where they checked out books about gymnastics, watched a video of a gymnastics performance, and even included a few gymnastics words in their sight words list for the week.


She really challenged Mandy in reading.  She pushed her and Mandy is reading on a third grade level.  Ms. Crane asked Mandy to try to read 10,000 words in the Accelerated Reading program this 9 weeks and Mandy read 44,000 words!  I think that is pretty good for a kindergartener!


Nana said...

I think that's great. I have some really smart grandkids.

Nathan said...

I love her so much! She is doing so well in school. She definitely took after her valedictorian mother.

Laurel Shaw said...

It's a wonderful gift to love reading! It will take you far in life! Have a FUN summer!

Becky Shuler said...

And her Magna Cum Laude mother (I can't spell). Two of my teachers meant a lot to me and I still am grateful to them. Miss Myrh Shuler and Mrs. Clarice King.

Kim Jarvis said...

Good job, Mandy! That is awesome! Maybe you can rub off on Ryan this summer!