Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vacation Day 1–High Falls State Park and Poison Ivy

Our first day of vacation found us up early and out on the road to Atlanta.  On the way, we stopped off at High Falls State Park for a little fun.

First up was getting a view of the dam and stretching our legs.


While running around, Layton went over to a vine on a tree and started playing around with it.


Next thing I know, a guy comes up to me and tells me he thinks the vine Layton is playing with is poison ivy.  So of course I get all worked up and rush to wash his hands and then spend the next 24 hours constantly checking for any signs of a rash.  Luckily – the guy was wrong!  Thank goodness! 

In between me stressing over whether or not Layton had picked up poison ivy, we did a little geo-caching.

After some serious searching for where to even start on the trail – we headed off to find the cache. 


After a bit, we figured we must be on the right trail after seeing this:


We searched and searched,


and found the cache hidden under a bridge and had fun looking through all the things in it.



It was a great day for a hike!



Then we decided to have a little fun out on the lake.  Us three in a paddle boat,


and Nathan and Dallin in a canoe.


Dallin LOVED canoeing.  He keeps asking to go again.


Mandy and Layton had fun on the paddle boat.


But my legs were killing me!  Paddle boating is a serious work out!


You know the day has been a good one when you turn around in the car and see this:



Becky Shuler said...

No wonder people think I am crazy! I had not looked at the blog today. Looks like a great vacation. I was wondering what was in the box?

Lea Whittaker said...

We enjoy looking for geocache's too! The boys call them treasure hunts. We have been on some we just couldn't find and those are always disappointing and I give up a lot quicker than everyone else :) Great memories for your kids!!