Thursday, September 27, 2012


This year, Dallin and Mandy’s school had a fun run for a fundraiser.  They were so super excited about it and they asked everyone they could think of to support them.

K-3 had the first fun run time slot and they got ready by doing a few stretches.


And then they were off.


Isn’t Mandy so cute out there?


She ran HARD.


And made it a total of 35 laps which is the maximum they allowed the kids to do.


She was super excited to get to see her cousin Chloe there too.


4th – 6th grade ran a little later that morning. 


Dallin is all set and ready to go.


Each time they passed the start/finish line the teachers would mark off a lap on the back of their shirt.


Dallin had a blast doing all the fun laps.  Like skipping,


a buddy lap,


an air guitar lap and many others.  He too made it around for all 35 laps.


The thing I noticed the most – dude, the boy needs a hair cut.  If only he would let us cut it.


Even with crazy hair and a hot sweaty red face, he is a handsome little boy.


Mandy raised a total of $190 for the school and Dallin raised a total of $185.  I think they did awesome!


Stacy Pettersen said...

Hey, twinner posts today! Annabelle will not be raising anywhere close to that much money, though. I'm sure that is a "good job, Mommy" too! It certainly isn't the kids' friends who are donating, ha ha. ;)

Mandi said...

hey that is fun. Abi's school just does boring fundraisers. Both of your kiddos are super cute and both have great hair. Word around the "burg" is that grandpa Jarvis had totally killer hair back in the day as well. I love Dallin's hair! GY's all around. Also I did not get to tell Mandy but I heard she did great on her article of faith memorizing. Tell her I said GREAT JOB!