Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting a new smile

My kids have really small mouths.  Really narrow mouths.  So small and narrow that there just isn’t enough room for their teeth to come in properly.

Because of that, they are midway through the process of getting all wired up.030032

These wires create a constant but gentle pressure on the inside of their palate to make their mouths less narrow and create more room for their teeth.  They will be getting the bottoms ones put in at the end of November.  In addition, Dallin will be getting some limited braces to help guide his permanent teeth into place.  Mandy will also need braces, but they will wait for more of her permanent teeth to come in before they move to that step.

In addition, several times throughout the day they have to wear their “trainers”.  They are called that because they train their tongues to sit in their mouths at the right height and they train their facial muscles as well.  They are supposed to have their mouths closed tight around it to exercise the muscles,


but it way more fun to see them smile with them on!



Nana said...

That is very funny to see! I hope it all works just the way they want it to.

Stacy Pettersen said...

Wow, I didn't know they could start that early. I'm sure Annabelle will need that too because her dentist has told us she has a small mouth too (which causes her to bite her tongue/cheek constantly). Good luck, kids!