Monday, October 15, 2012

The Lemonade Stand

The kids have been begging to buy a particular video game to play on the Wii at Nana’s house.  But, we didn’t really want to buy it for them so we told them they would have to earn the money themselves.  So they decided to have a lemonade stand.  They made posters and I made the lemonade.


And of course, don’t forget the grapes. 


Why grapes?  Well, you know, in case a duck comes by.

Layton even included the duck on his poster :)


They had a ton of fun out there trying to get cars to stop.


There were a number of super sweet people that stopped to talk with them and rather than even buying any lemonade, they just donated some money to them. After a little while, Chloe, Mandy, and Layton lost interest and started playing.


But I was super proud of Dallin because he stuck with even after they quit.


They were able to earn $24 which was just enough to buy a used copy of the video game they wanted. Success!



Becky Shuler said...

What a great lesson they learned. Dallin has always been persistant when there is a goal.

Way to go!!!!! Mema

Laurel Shaw said...

This is great! I love it!
Riley's been begging for the same thing. I'll have to make a suggestion!

Nana said...

I'm so proud of these kids and Dallin is a real trooper! I love them all so much.