Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween Day

Halloween morning found a sick little Layton boy.  His nose was running and he had a yucky cough, so he didn’t get to go to his school party.


But even though he didn’t go to that, we did go up to the school to see the character parade.  I love that the teachers, resource teachers, and office staff all get into it too!


Mandy went as Aya the girl ninja in The Dragon’s Lair.


And Dallin was Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.  He is reading it this month for his book report.


We also saw Chloe there:


That night was the usual trick or treating:


And then candy overload!!!


I felt so bad for Mandy and Dallin this year.  Almost half of their candy they had to pick out of their piles and give away because with the wires in their mouths they aren’t allowed to eat anything that is really sticky, chewy, or too hard.  But they were able to still make it a good Halloween with all the chocolate they enjoyed :)


Laurel Shaw said...

Katheryn i felt so bad today too because i had brought Star bursts for the lesson adn Mandy said she couldn't have them. Luckily i remembered some chocolate in the primary room! I'm going to have to keep them in mind fir the future! I didn't get any for Dallin though... tell him Sister Shaw owes him some chocolate and thank you for his excellent closing prayer today!
ps. That stinks Layton got sick and missed his party! :( he still got to trick or treat!! So im sure that made him feel better! :)

Laurel Shaw said...

sorry for all my typing errors! Ida was helping!:)