Friday, December 21, 2012

Family Pictures

We took our family pictures this year in the woods behind our house.  My good friend Mandi came over and flat ironed my hair for me.  I gave her the camera remote and she showed us some awesome dance moves to get the kids smiling and looking at the camera!  I think we ended up with a few really goods ones.


My beautiful babies.




Even a nice one of the two of us.

And some fun ones as well!


This one is my favorite!!!



Becky Shuler said...

GREAT pictures, Katheryn! We love the Christmas card you sent us! This is my favorite time of the year and I just love seeing everyone's Christmas card pictures.

Mandi said...

Katheryn it is impossible for you and your family to be any cuter! LOVE YA! My favorite is the one with them all kissing you! Thanks for getting me out of the house.... I was about to go bonkers! Thanks for letting me, and your right my dance moves were awesome!!! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

Becky Shuler said...

Who Far___d? I love these. All of them. only serves to make me miss you more.

My favorite is the one where all are paying homage and kisses to you. Mema

Jennifer Foy said...

Hahaha.... you guys are too funny & CUTE!!! :)

Kim Jarvis said...

They are all great, but I love the goofy ones the most!

Laurel Shaw said...

i Love your hair!
and Kim's right... all the pictures are great!
You have a beautiful family!

Stacy Pettersen said...

Yes, that last one is definitely the "Nathan stinky" shot! Can you email me a copy of the first one? I'll switch it out on my wall with the older one I have of you. :)