Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RS Christmas Party

RS Invite Christmas 2012Blog

We went with a really simple program this year.  We decorated all of the tables with Nativity scenes.


And then after dinner, Nathan read us the book “The Miracle of Jonathan Toomey”. 


It was sweet and simple and the best part about it was spending time with all the wonderful sister in Relief Society.


Mandi the awesome photo bomber!


I don’t know why Sister Shaw has her tongue sticking out here, but it makes me laugh!


Our theme for the coming year is “First Observe, Then Serve”, based on this talk given during general conference.  So the gift to each sister was this little picture frame,


and this note:
RS Christmas Handout copy

It was a really great party!

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Kim Jarvis said...

We love that book! I think sometimes simple parties are the best parties -especially at Christmastime.