Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Training

It only seemed fitting that since we were on Spring Break that we should see a little Spring Training.  We headed down to Melbourne to watch the Braves play the Nationals.

First stop – LUNCH. 


We ate lunch in the nicest Publix I’ve ever been in.  Seriously,  they had tables for eating, a coffee shop, a huge deli, and a fancy looking bakery.  We need a Publix like that here!!

Then on to the ball park, where the first thing we did was get cotton candy!


We watched the game for a bit.  Or rather Dallin, Nathan, and I watched the game while Mandy and Layton played on our phones.  Then after that stopped entertaining them,  we went for ice cream!


We then spent twenty or thirty minutes watching the birds.  Layton was fascinated.


The game was still going as baseball games do, and so I had to find something else to entertain them.  I took them out to the homerun area.  It gave us a great view of the little stadium there. And we could watch the Braves pitcher warm up.


But Layton and Mandy didn’t care about the view or the pitcher.  Being out there gave them the chance to have fun to rolling down a hill!!


And while they played, I had fun seeing how far I could zoom in on the batters and on Nathan & Dallin in the stands.  The zoom on my little point and shoot is pretty good!


All in all it was a very fun day.  But it did leave both Nathan and I with a desire to see a baseball game together WITHOUT kids.  You know so we could actually watch it.


So for his birthday in June, we are headed to Atlanta for a weekend of baseball and alone time!  I’m mainly looking forward to the alone time ;)


Casey Gentle said...

Yay for alone time!!! Can I recommend you stop outside of Warner Robbins and eat at Lane's Southern Orchards? Have the fried peach pie, I dare you! ;)

Minnie Shuler said...

good things to remember will always help

Kelly said...

Happy birthday Nathan! Ur a lucky man!! Your beach pic are killing me... Miss me the beach. Brought back happy camping memories of camping with you. Miss and love you all!