Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Awards days are always fun.  So far, Dallin has gotten A-B honor roll each 9 weeks. The first 9 weeks of this year he also had perfect attendance.


He and I were both very surprised that this time around he also received the Outstanding Achievement in Math award.


Ms. Breen, his math teacher, told me that he had moved from being somewhere in the middle of the class as far as grades went to being #2 in the class.  That is pretty awesome!


Nathan said...

So proud of him this year. Hope he can bring his social studies grade up. He is a very smart boy who tends to be careless with his studies and effort at times.

Kim Jarvis said...

Good job, Dallin!

Becky Shuler said...

I realized this weekend that there is nothing Dallin cannot do if he wants to. What a kid!

Nana said...

He is a great kid. And there is nothing he won't be able to do if he puts his mind to it.