Monday, June 10, 2013


While the Jarvis/Pettersen cousins were visiting I decided to have a cousins sleepover.  I wasn’t quite brave enough to have Reese join us because I was afraid she would miss her mommy too much.  But still, I almost had all of them here.  And 9 kids in our tiny house was quite the accomplishment!!!

To start the fun they wolfed down a donut


and then headed outside to play.


After some good hard playing outside it was time for a little playtime inside and then dinner!


And everybody knows that once you finish dinner your are supposed to hide under the table.  At least that’s what they told me.


Time for popcorn and a movie!  Or well technically lots of movie shorts.  Pixar shorts are hilarious!


We let them stay up to the terribly late hour of 10:00 and they promptly woke up before 7:00.  Awesome.  Pillow fight!!!!


Layton quickly tired of the pillow fight because lets face it, it was morning time and he needed his morning milk to get him going.  He really is no good until he gets his chocolate milk ;).


It was a lot of fun and hopefully we can do it again sometime!


Stacy Pettersen said...

I am frequently not brave enough to have Reese sleepover either, ha ha! She would have probably put you over the edge into the nut house. That night was pretty much Annabelle's highlight of the entire trip, so I am glad you did it!

Kim Jarvis said...

Thanks for all you did at that sleepover - the girls loved it!