Monday, December 9, 2013

Best e-mails ever….

I know reading someone else’s e-mails is kind of like eavesdropping, but when it is your own child, I think it is ok right?  Nathan and I had such a great laugh at the e-mails that Mandy sent to her cousin Breanna yesterday.  I highlighted some of my favorite parts.  I sure love that girl!

First one gets a high five for the longest run on sentence ever…..

Email #1 -

Hi Breanna this is Mandy I want to know what you want for Christmas and what Haley wants for Christmas because each one of us got one of you so if you read this please let us know what you Haley and Kate would like and since I have’nt seen you in a wile maybe if you come to my baptism we can get in touch or you can send me E-mails so we can talk to each other because I really do miss you and hope to get in touch so I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year and please try to call me my phone number  is XXX-XXXX so I hope we can get in a conversation.and I give thanks to you for the present I really love it I mean 10 bucks is a lot  I hope we can have a sleepover if you come for the way can you tell me  if you are coming for Christmas because I really,really want to see you for Christmas .well anyways I love you.

Email #2 -

Hi its Mandy I’d  like to talk to Ryan now and tell her that I got the pinkie pie equestria  doll.I hope you have a merry Christmas oh and by the way have you ever heard of animal jam

It’s  a good way to get in touch and don’t worry it’s a oppropereat website I’m just so stressed out because I really want to see you it’s just a bummer I can only see you on June and December.I’m so glad your coming for Christmas are you?Anyways I’m trying my best to make you happy atleast I can give you E-mails and mabey you can call me I just hav’ent  seen you

In a long time. So please just either call me because my phone number is XXX-XXXX so do that or you can send me E-mails if you want to talk to me so merry Christmas to all  and to all a good Night.merry merry Christmas.


Seriously – that girl is a trip.


Casey Gentle said...

LOL those are some oppropereat emails! LOVE IT!

Julie-Ann Buchman said...

Those are so precious! She'll love reading them years from now!

Kylee Shaw said...

HA HA ! Pure, awesomeness! Too funny!

Becky Shuler said...

Wow! She is using great big words, too.