Thursday, March 20, 2014

Layton is 6 years old!

My little baby,
is totally not a baby anymore.  Although he does still like to snuggle with me and pretend that he is a baby :)
He wanted to have an Orca/ocean themed birthday party this year.  And I knew the perfect place to take pictures for it!  There is this awesome mural in Green Cove Springs that is all about the ocean.
We had lots of fun with the photos:
It is hard to imagine that is has been 6 years since Layton came into our lives.  He makes me smile every single day.  He is so original.  I love his imagination and his quirky way of looking at things.  Seeing life through his eyes gives life totally new meaning.  We all love him so much!  Happy Birthday Layton!


Bre Jarvis said...

Happy birthday Layton! (:

Stacy Pettersen said...

Oh my gosh, that first picture seriously melted my heart! And it brought back a lot of memories... I can't believe it's been 6 years.

Nana said...

What a cutie.