Friday, March 26, 2010

Layton’s 1st 2nd Birthday Party

Layton is pretty lucky this year.  He gets to celebrate his birthday, not once, but twice!  Last Saturday he had a party with my family and in two weeks he gets to have another one, shared with Kate, with Nathan’s family.  Sweet, right? 
Layton March 2009 Invitation copy
Speaking of sweets, we went with a teddy bear themed party for his first one because of his obsession right now with his stuffed animals!  So of course I made him a teddy bear cake.  It didn’t turn our quite as cute as I had hoped, the face and ears look a little funny to me, but it was still yummy!  That’s the most important thing for cake to be anyway :)
IMG_0860 IMG_0866
He got some fun presents which I think Mandy and Dallin loved as much as he did!  Thank you for all the gifts!
IMG_0878 IMG_0881  IMG_0875 IMG_0868
Thanks to everyone that came!  We had a great time.  We hope you enjoyed your little treat box.  I think they are adorable, don’t you?  I’m a sucker for yellow and teddy bears :)


Casey Gentle said...

Let me first say, we love bears up in this house! When I saw your cake, it made me want to do something very similar for Marky. Great job! Love the invites, too. Looks like everyone was having a super tasty time. :)

Kelly said...

Oh man I wonder how you ever Lucked out getting him. I can't believe he is this old. It seems like you just had him and he would let me hold him during church. Oh what fun days. That lil smile of his is to die for! I love him! He makes me happy everytime I see him on your post!

The Mueller Messenger said...

Looks like FUN FUN FUN! He is so blessed to have such a crafty mommy:)

Laurel Shaw said...

Gotta love 2 birthdays!! My kids luck out like that too. I sure didn't when i was growing up! oh well. Now i get twice the cake with them! and thats not too shabby! Happy Birthday Layton!

Erin said...

He's two years old, so he should get twice the parties, right?!
He is just so cute...and your cake is adorable - good job, Mom!