Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guess Who Has a New Bed!

Out little Layton Sugars does!


And I think he loves it!  It only took me 1 1/2 hours and two mistakes to get it put together.  Not too shabby considering who the constructor was :)  It went from this:


to this:


I really like it!  All three kids are now sharing a room together.  They LOVE it!


Stacy said...

Hey, give yourself some credit! You are en engineer right? =)

Mandi said...

I am impressed! The cribs and the worst..... at least that is what I have observed watching Aaron. You go girl! It is adorable and I bet little Layton is in heaven with the other kiddos. Party at the Jarvis home!

Mandi said...

oops... the crib and the BEDS are the worst! I can not type. Sorry!

Becky Shuler said...

Way to go! Congrats little man, on your transition from crib to toddler bed.