Monday, May 10, 2010


make awesome costumes :)
For the Primary activity, the kids were asked to dress-up like the days of old and then they “traveled” to different areas in Israel to learn about Jesus.
IMG_2115 IMG_2118IMG_2112 
They even felt the stormy seas and learned how Christ calmed them.
After their travels in Israel, they came across the ocean to America and learned of Christ visiting the people there.
Nathan makes a pretty cute Nephite, don’t you think?


Nana said...

Yes I do think Nathan makes a cute Nephite but maybe I'm a little partial.

Mandi said...

It was a really good activity. Your kids and their pillowcases were adorable. I would have never thought to use a pillowcase.... you are so creative! Nathan was a really good Nephite as well.... he did a perfect job.

Bethany said...

Are you the Primary president in your ward? I think I want to copy this activity!

Katheryn said...

No, I'm not the primary president. Becky Shaw is and I'm sure she wouldn't mind you using her idea :) The primary presidency really did a great job on the activity. All of the kids really enjoyed it!

Ilene said...

The costumes were great. I'll have to remember that one for the next time. Nathan did make a pretty good nephite, but I thought the Blind man was much cuter :P

KYLIA said...

Nathan's sandals definitely look like what the Nephites would've worn! I think the Middleburg Primary needs to start a blog...!!!

Laurel Shaw said...

it was a cool activity. i love our primary president! and the kids costumes!