Thursday, June 10, 2010

On a Game Kick

My kids have recently become obsessed with playing games.  Seriously they want to play all the time.


Their favorites are Apples to Apples (kids), Monopoly Jr., Hulabaloo, Kid’s Cranium, Zingo, Candyland, and Chutes & Ladders.  Do you have any kid friendly favorites?  I’m thinking of adding a few more to our arsenal in order to make for a happier summer!


McKinnley said...

Sooo Fun! The Thompson favorite card game is "Pass".. its not to hard and I know those Smart Jarvis kids could pick up on it Quick. It's a church game we picked up a few years ago and love it. We always play the Easy version. Give it a shot! Enjoy those Fun Summer Game Days! xoxoxo
Love Kelly

Becky Shuler said...

Matthew loves Sorry. I don't know if your younger ones would enjoy it though.