Friday, June 11, 2010

Wakulla Springs

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE living in Florida?  There are so many beautiful places to see and things to do.  I am sure that could very likely be said of many many many places all over the US and the world.  I’m just a bit biased to Florida because Florida = Home.
One place that I have always loved is Wakulla Springs.  Talk about an interesting beautiful place with an interesting history.  The amount of wildlife that is easily visible in it’s natural habitat is always amazing to me.
IMG_4432 IMG_4355 IMG_4366 IMG_4371 IMG_4392 IMG_4397 IMG_4408 IMG_4414 IMG_4423
And who doesn’t love a good dip in some freezing cold water!  Not me.  I only got my feet wet.  But the kids – well – even though they were a bit shocked by the cold they still loved it.
IMG_4464 IMG_4466 IMG_4473 IMG_4449
Thanks Meme for a beautiful day and a yummy lunch!  It was a great day, even if Layton did pee all over me!
IMG_4480 IMG_4481


Laurel Shaw said...

How close was that gator to where you were swimming? Scary! That place looks really cool. My boys would love to check it out!

Kelly said...

So happy to hear you had your Mom with you! She needs many more days like that Im sure! The pic of those cute kids swimming and then a pic of that Gator SCARED ME!!! You could make a Calandar with all those Awesome pic you took! I agree Florida is AMAZING! And we Certianly Miss it!
It looks like a Awesome Day... Even if you got a lil bit of Laytons Sweet Pee on you!

Casey Gentle said...

Now you have to change nicknames from Layton Sugars to Sweet Pee. :) Looks like an awesome day. LOVE IT!

Becky Shuler said...

Beautiful photos of the wildlife. I bet your Mom enjoyed getting out and being with you and your children. Looks like you all had fun! I don't like swimming in cold water either! :) And I agree with you, Florida is BEAUTIFUL!