Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I sometimes wonder

about my little Layton.


He brought this to me and asked me to help him put it on.  There was no coaxing by me or Dallin or Mandy.  He picked it out and he wanted it on.  Not long after he brought me one of Mandy’s barrettes and had me put it in his hair.  Then he gave me a smile and said “I pretty”.  I’m little worried about him.

Not overly worried though.  Every day we have a little verbal exchange of me asking him “Are you Mommy’s baby?” and he always answers with “I Mommy’s baby.”  Yesterday, I began our dialog, but instead of the usual answer, he said, “No, I Spiderman.”

So maybe I really shouldn’t be worried.  Maybe he is just a well rounded individual who appreciates ballet, pretty things, and is also a follower of heroic male character.


Becky Shuler said...

He is sooooo cute no matter how he dresses!

Kelly said...

He is a Cutie Pie! In a dress or as Spiderman.

I'm sure yesterday was a rough day. Wish I could have come to pick you up and take you to lunch. Bummer!


Pam said...

How adorable! I wouldn't be too worried though, probably just a phase. Just think, these are exactly the kinds of pictures you get to embarrass your children with when they bring their girlfriends/boyfriends home to meet the parents. Out come the photo albums! LOL

Laurel Shaw said...

Don't worry! He is all boy! He's so comfortable with his masculine side what's it to him to put on a dress! Didn't "The Rock" play the tooth fairy? See no worries!

Laurel Shaw said...

p.s. Thanks for dropping off the pics! I love them. It was so much fun going through them! I can't wait to get them on the wall!
Thank you!

Britt said...

o my gosh that is so funny! that is so cute! but he still looks adorable! love always~britty <3