Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lake Mystic

Our 3rd of the July celebration was definitely a full one!  We spent most of the day out at the lake swimming, surrounded by family and friends.

 IMG_5173 IMG_5183 IMG_5189

We were very proud of Mandy and Dallin for getting over some of their fear of deep water.  Up until this day, they completely refused to go out in water over their heads even with a swim ring or life jacket.  But, this time, they saw their cousins having so much fun out there that they strapped on a life jacket and went out to enjoy the fun too!

IMG_5203 IMG_5207 IMG_5211

They played so hard and had so much fun that after a while, Layton crawled up into my lap and passed out.


While he was out, the other kids went out for a paddle boat ride.


It was an awesome day!  I couldn’t believe how nice the weather was.  I mean it was July.  In Florida.  And I didn’t even sweat.  Can you believe that?  It was nothing short of a miracle!  Thank you Copelands for letting us come over that day!  We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

IMG_5234 copy


Casey Gentle said...

It looks like a blast! I love all the pictures, especially with you and Layton. Nothing better than snuggling a baby to sleep. :)

Brittany M. Geiger said...

Summer days are the best when there is water involved! Such a beautiful family!

Mandi said...

I loves seeing the pic of YOU and Layton. Normally you are behind the camera making those amazing shots. Sounds like lotsd of fun. I love how different kids are in just months. Good for them getting wild and crazy! Glad you had fun!

Becky Shuler said...

That looks like a lot of fun! We love Lake Mystic. I think the last picture in this post is so sweet of you and Layton. You are such a beautiful Mother!

Britt said...

what a great day!!! Sure looks like fun! i would have passed out too! :) and i am so proud of Mandi and Dallin overcoming their fears and going in deep water :) good job! that slide thing looks pretty fun! I love the very last pic! so sweet! :) love always~britty <3