Friday, July 9, 2010

Visiting the Grave

While at home, I visited my dad’s grave.  I really do love the walk down the path to get there. 

IMG_5236 copy

It is so quiet and beautiful that it sets the mood perfectly for a visit to a grave.

IMG_5241 copy

I sat on the little stone bench,


and reflected about all those that my dad is now with.  His father.


A brother and two sisters.


A favorite nephew.


And most importantly his son.  How sweet that reunion must have been! 


Then I cleaned  some of the old dead flowers off the grave and was surprised by this guy.


Then I laughed at myself for jumping when I saw it and then laughed again because I know my dad would have laughed at me too.  At that moment I learned another one of life’s lessons:  It is almost impossible to be melancholy when staring a toad in the face!


Becky Shuler said...

Thanks for the trip to the grave. I went over yesterday but enjoyed your trip more. Mema

Deanna said...

Wow that is such a beautiful place!! I'm so glad that he is where he's at right now. I wonder if he's met my mom? .. I would have screamed bloody murder if I was face to face with a toad. (: I love you

Mandi said...

Oh girl that was beautiful! What a happy and amazing place. Glad that you had a quiet peaceful moment and how wonderful that you laughed at the end of it all. It sounds like your dad would have wanted you to do just that. I am a little jealous that you have such a amazing place in your family. The post was great I felt like I was there with you. Great pics... like always! Love Ya!

Brittany M. Geiger said...

Absolutely beautiful...thanks for sharing such a private moment with us. Blogs are wonderful for that!

Becky Shuler said...

That first picture is stunning. I'm so glad you have such a wonderful, private place to go when you need to visit your Dad's grave. Thanks for sharing.