Monday, July 12, 2010


I showed Layton a blueberry muffin from the kitchen and he came running in to get it yelling “CUPCAKE! CUPCAKE!”.  He took it from me, looked at it, then looked back at me and said, “I want icing.”  This is one smart child.


Mandi said...

I knew I loved that kid. Shouldn't icing be on everything? Very cute!

Becky Shuler said...

This reminded me of a story Mama Doris tells when her very much younger baby brother came to visit her after she got married. She had baked some muffins (which he had never had)and when he tasted them said "Could I get one of these to take back to Mama?" Mama Doris was so pleased and said "So you really like them?" He replied, "No, I just want her to taste them...she's not going to believe how they taste!" All he had ever had were cupcakes, too.

Kelly said...

SO CUTE! He takes after me... If it doesn't have CHOCOLATE and LOTS of Frosting it just doesnt work... I miss that lil Monkey!

Loved the pic of you visting the Grave. You have the Magic Touch of making your pic look Magical! What a day it was Im sure! I read it your post and cried and laughed.. You know if you can do that you have a good post! It made me want to love on Heath and My kids all the more! Life is sooo unsure! I love you!~ I feel so Blessed to be able to call you my friend! We MISS YOU GUYS!

Pam said...

Icing? Definitely! Right on, Layton!