Wednesday, October 13, 2010

9 Years and Counting

Just wanted to wish my sweetie a happy anniversary today.  We have recently become big fans of Mindy Gledhill’s new CD Anchor, so I just wanted to dedicated this little song to you Nathan.

My favorite verse in the song is:
You could give me all that I request
And if you fancy, Darling be my guest
But I’ll take less
If more means having less of you
We may not have a big house, or drive fancy cars, or take expensive vacations, or any of the “finer” things of life, but we have so much more.  We have a house full of love, lots to laugh at, adorable children, an open and honest relationship, temple ordinances that bind us – all the things we need to have joy in this lifetime.
I love you Nathan.  Thank you for the constant laughter, great hugs, even better kisses, kindness, understanding, support, and love.  You’re the best!

I just wanted to add a little addendum to this.  Last night as we were going to bed, we did our usual little play fight of "I love you more" and then Nathan hops out of bed because he says that he can "prove" that he loves me more.  He brings back to me a card that has a sweet little sentiment of "Now and Always - the only two times I want to be with you."  Sweet, right?  But get this he hadn't even signed it or bothered to put it in the envelope.  So he snatches it back from me (so nice) and then proceeds to grab a pen and sign it.  But do you think he puts some sweet pet name in there or writes I love you - no way....

And they say romance is dead.  I don't think so - I think romance just got a sense of humour :)  I think I laughed until I cried after that.  But honestly, that is what I love most about Nathan.  He knows exactly how to make me laugh - and we laugh together everyday!


KYLIA said...

Happy Anniversary you two love birds!! I see we both picked hopeless romantics for husbands...hopeless being the operative word! :) Hope y'all have a fabulous anniversary!!

Nana said...

That's my boy! He wants to make sure you know who that card is from. Only Nathan JARVIS.

Casey Gentle said...

Hahaha...I love him. And don't forget he opens doors into public places for you. And sanitized hands are romantic, too! :) Happy anniversary to one of my very favorite couples.

Kelly said...

Oh, That is soo cute! Love the song... love the pic... love the cute story loved the card. You two are AWESOME! I hope you have a wonderful date planned. Wish I could watch the kids for you... You could always run a way to the "Thompson Hotel" The door is Always Open and the lights are Always On!
Many more Happy Years to Come!

Stacy said...

I was thinking about you two this morning when I looked at my phone and saw the date! Glad it's a wonderful anniversary, so happy for you both.

P.S. Annabelle is still completely stuck on Mandy. I told her Nana was coming to visit and she said, "And Mandy too!"

Laurel Shaw said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!!

Mandi said...

Happy anniversary! That song is too cute. You two are so cute. Nothing beats a man that can make you laugh. Cute story as well..... I can watch those cute kiddies for you. My kids would be in heaven! Have a wonderful day!

The Jackson Family said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! I hope yall enjoy your day! =)

Carrie Lorraine said...

Happy Anniversary to you two cuter than cute people! LOVE that song by the way...I think I may be hooked now, too :)