Thursday, October 14, 2010


Dallin has really been struggling this year with his reading tests.  Since they will be taking the FCAT next year, they do an FCAT reading test each week.  The first few weeks he was getting B’s on them, and then his grade began to slip even further.  He was bringing home FCAT tests with C’s and even several D’s.


So, obviously something had to change.  We began working with him and discussing how to summarize plots, how to restate the question and use details from the story in the “essay” portion.  How to use the process of elimination on multiple choice questions.  And perhaps most important of all – an incentive system.  He gets a B – no grounding.  A C = 4 days restrictions for all things digital (no TV, no video games, no computer).  A D = 1 week restrictions.  And for an A he gets a little prize – silly bands, which are all the rage right now.  So guess what he brought home this week -


It really is amazing what a few test taking skills and some incentive will do!  We are very proud of him!


Nana said...

Way to go Dallin! I'm so proud of you. I love you!

The Mueller Family said...

Awesome job Dallin!!

Stacy said...

That is actually quite amazing! And I think it's a natural consequence... if he's not doing well at school, then he needs to spend more time studying rather than playing his video games. Great parenting! I'm sure we'll have one that needs a little incentive too; Jon was very unmotivated in school as a kid!

Laurel Shaw said...

Good job Dallin! Hard work always pays off! we all knew you had it in you!