Monday, January 24, 2011

Don’t Break Your Bow

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I admit, we as parents have not exactly been the best at reading scriptures daily with our children.  We would do pretty good for a while with the Scripture readers for kids, then we would forget about it.  Then we would start up again.  You get the picture.  But after hearing this talk in the last general conference, we decided to follow the example that she gave and just have each person read 1 verse from the scriptures each day.  Mandy and Layton obviously can’t read yet, so they simply repeat the verse phrase by phrase as either Nathan or I read it.  At this rate, of only 5 verses a day, it will likely take us 3 years to read the Book of Mormon.  But no matter because we have found that doing it this way allows everyone to be involved and they absolutely love it.  And because they love it, we have finally found a scripture reading program that we have been able to maintain consistently.  I’m sure as the kids get older, we’ll have everyone read more than just one verse, but for now this is working perfectly.

It is funny though what they pick up on.  A couple of weeks ago, we read about Nephi breaking his bow and how they then didn’t have a way to get food.  I guess that really left an impression on Layton (maybe because he loves his food) because now, every night (and I mean EVERY single night) he prays that “we will not break our bow”.  Nathan and I laugh about it every night, but at least we know he is paying attention!


Mandi said...

I think we will steal this idea! We have the same problem. Thanks for the great advice and love that you link the talk. Thanks! I love my food as well I can see why he is concerned. That is some serious business!

Laurel Shaw said...

Great job! WE are total slackers when it comes to that too! We will sometimes read a verse before our Prayer at bed time but All the talk at Stake Conf too made me want to do better. I love that comment in one of the talks that said- one prayer a day might have been enough back then but now we need more. So true! I need to do better for my children!
Love that story about Layton! He's awesome!

Janie Mueller said...

Our family has had the habit of reading scripture every night before bed for sometime now. It's nice because it is our routine and gets everyone quiet before bed. We learned a long time ago that if it is a habit, they don't know any different:)

minnieokra said...

And I sincerely hope you do not break your bow too.