Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just thinking…

about the beach and wishing that the weather was beautiful and that I was there today!


Instead I have a ridiculously crazy day ahead of me of meetings, ballet, baseball, Faith In God for Girls – not to mention that I have to fit some actual work time in there somewhere – AND it is all yucky outside!  I would so much rather be relaxing on the beach in some beautiful weather!


Laurel Shaw said...

We have Baseball tonight?
Did they announce that last night? because it isn't on the schedule. Maybe you can cross that one off!Did Nathan tell you about concession?

Anyway, I second the beach idea.
Another beautiful photo!!

Katheryn said...

Yes, Nathan said they were doing an extra practice tonight at 6:00. Crazy, right?

Laurel Shaw said...

Thank you!!!!!