Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So sweet…..or not….

We were riding in the car not too long ago, and I hear a sweet little two year old voice start to sing,

“lead me, guide me, walk beside me”

My heart just wanted to melt.


But then he continued on,

“Help me find the Mater the Greater”

Followed by an evil little giggle.

Honestly, I don’t know about this child sometimes.


Keli Hardee Kekelis said...

Love it!! He is tooo cute! I have been meaning to tell you for forever that he reminds me so much of your Dad and Cliff, adorable!

McKinnley said...

Oh that pic of him is soo Darling! What I know about this kid is...
I Love and Miss him!

Love Kelly

Mandi said...

Oh that was funny! I literally laughed out loud. He cracks me up!

Casey Gentle said...

Hahahaha. So sweet. Can't wait to hear my little dude singing his own songs.

Laurel Shaw said...

That's awesome!