Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We have Germination!

The lettuce and spinach are coming up nicely – only a few more weeks and we’ll be picking those for salad -
The beans are coming through with a vengeance, we’re going to have to do quite a bit of “thinning” on those rows because so many came up!
We have little corn stalks making their debut -
And the tiny, tiniest of carrot tops are even beginning to peak through -
It is crazy how excited I am about this!  I’m just glad the seeds actually worked!  Now we’ll have to see if we can keep them alive long enough to actually grow a few veggies :)


Janie Mueller said...

Congrats! They look great. Fingers crossed that will continiue to grow:)

Casey Gentle said...

Looking good!! Maybe you can give me a class on gardening...cause I have black thumbs. :/

Becky Shuler said...

I am envious. You have more in your dirt than I do. Now you know why I am so crazy about "diggin' in the dirt".