Friday, April 8, 2011

Layton’s Mater the Greater Birthday Party!

That Saturday we were blessed with perfect weather!  We started the party out with some pull-back car races.  The cars were crazy and went all over the place.  It made for a very fun racing environment :)


Next we did some jellybean bag tossing into a tire.  Each child had 5 color coded bags and the object was to throw each bag with accuracy and speed.  The person who had the most bags in the tire and finished the quickest was the winner.


Unfortunately, Layton didn’t get the object of the game too well.  He threw one of his bags.


But then he went to retrieve his one bag, and someone else’s jelly bean bag bounced off his head.  He wasn’t too happy.  But after getting to eat a few of the jelly beans, he was happy again :)


Next we did a car jumping relay race!  Everyone loved this one!


We had some really great jumpers.


Including this old man.  Nathan joined in to make the teams even.  He did the whole course jumping only on one foot to give himself a handicap :)


We even had a little extra guest at the party.  Luckily he decided to take his leave pretty early on.


After all the games and playing – it was time for presents!


Are you kind of seeing a pattern in all these pictures?  Dallin felt the need to be involved with EVERY single present.


That’s ok though.  He had very sweetly put together a gift bag to Layton that included some of his old clothes and some old toys, including one that he wouldn’t let Layton open because the toy would “fall out and get lost”.  Layton loved it!


Then on to cake!


It was super yummy!  And we had a very happy birthday boy!


Thanks to everyone that came.  Layton loved all of his presents so so so much!



Stacy said...

That is so funny... before I read your comment I was thinking to myself 'Is it Layton's birthday or Dallin's birthday?' Kids are great!

Happy Birthday Layton, wish we could have been there!

Becky Shuler said...

I cannot believe how creative and talented you are! What fun. Nathan looked like he was really enjoying it the most.

Casey Gentle said...

These happy moment are brought you to by every Mater possible. :)