Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guess what we did last week?

I’ll give you a few clues:

it involved something



completely wild

and that left our fingers looking like this:


yep, that’s right…BLACKBERRY PICKING



why in our little suburban neighborhood of course!

There is a big hay field beside our neighborhood and right beside the hay field we found black berries growing wild everywhere!


Nathan was a lean mean picking machine.  He even went and put on clothes to cover every inch of his body.  He wasn’t about to get any stickers on him!


Layton totally cracked me up with them though.  He absolutely couldn’t get enough.  I am absolutely sure that for every one that went into his cup – three found their way into his mouth!


Mandy never ate a single one of them.  Getting her to try new things is just insane.  But that didn’t stop her from having fun and enjoying watching everyone else eat!


Along with all the black ones we saw, we saw tons of red ones too.  So I’m sure we’ll be going back soon to stock up on freshly ripened ones!  Which will make Dallin super happy because ever since then he has asked to go blackberry picking EVERYDAY!


And my taste buds completely agree with him!  What is it about fruit/vegetables eaten right off the plant?  They just tastes so much better!



Jennifer Foy said...

These are the kinds of adventures I want to share with William!!!

Nana said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. You are making memories and that's so important.

Cassie said...

Was Nathan in Camo? Seriously? LOL!!! We went blueberry picking on Monday and Georgia did the same thing. She would pick them and eat them without them ever making the bucket.

Becky Shuler said...

Your dad was the Blackberry Picking Champion of the World! Thanks to him Mama Doris was famous for her Blackberry Cobbler which I wouldn't even attempt to make.

Kim Jarvis said...

Mandy sure was missing out. How could she resist? My mouth is watering just looking at those pictures!