Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween Day

Every year, the elementary school does a costume parade on Halloween.  And this year was no different!  They try to encourage the kids to dress up as a character from a book.

In Dallin’s 3rd grade class, he had to do his very first book report this past month.  He chose to read “Swiss Family Robinson”.  We also watched the movie.  Which by the way, the movie was completely Disneyfied.  In there book there wasn’t even a single pirate!!!!

Anyway, Dallin wanted to dress up as a character from his book.  He really loved the adventures that the donkey named Grizzle had in the book, so he decided to dress up as a donkey.  Which was just great, because you know it’s so VERY easy to find a donkey costume.  Needless to say, we worked together and made a very simple one.  He had to explain to everyone what he was, but hey, it was the best I could do.


All of Mandy’s class came to school dressed in their pajamas.


They were all being characters from the book “The Napping House”.  Which if you haven’t read it, you should.  It’s one our favorites!  Mandy’s teacher is so much fun!


We were also happy to see cowgirl Chloe that day in the parade:


That evening, the kids got all dressed up again for Trick or Treating.  Dallin decided to wear his donkey costume rather than his pirate one.  Mandy FINALLY decided she would put on her leopardess costume.  Layton decided that since Dallin wasn’t a pirate, that he didn’t want to be one either, so he went as Spiderman.  My children.  Sometimes they are just a little nutty.


Oddly enough, this was actually their very first time going trick or treating.  In the past, since we go to trunk or treat at the church, I’ve been able to convince them to stay at home and just hand out candy.  But not this year.  I guess they wanted more candy!


And more candy they got.  Lots and lots and lots of candy.



Laurel Shaw said...

I love when the schools let them dress up! It's so fun to show off your costumes!
The whole day looks awesome!!

Kim Jarvis said...

They all look great! I could totally tell he was a donkey! Great job on the costume!