Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Looking Stinky

This year for Mandy’s birthday we are having a baking party.  Earlier this year my cousin/friend Becky did one for her daughter and it was SO CUTE, so I decided to steal her idea completely and do one for Mandy.

To make the invitations, I set up a little baking photo shoot for Mandy.  To get ready for it, I told her to go put on a black shirt so that it would match the apron.  She went to look for one in her drawer and came back to inform me that all her black shirts were in the dirty clothes.

So being the kind of mother that I am, I told her to go dig one out of the dirty clothes.  Then Mandy just gives me this look like I’m nuts and said, “What? Do you want me to look stinky in my pictures?”

So what’s your opinion?  Do you think she looks stinky in these pictures?



Laurel Shaw said...

I think she looks fresh as a daisy!
that's a cute idea for a party!

Jaren said...

no, she does however look like she needs to be sharing that brownie batter with me!!

Stacy said...

How about stinkin' cute?!

Nana said...

Luckily we are not down wind of her so we can't really tell is she is stinky or not. I agree with Stacy....she is stickin cute.

KYLIA said...

That is hilarious!! The pictures look awesome...as usual! Can't wait to see the party pics!

Becky Shuler said...

YAY! I loved doing Juliette's baking party and the girls LOVED it! (Who wouldn't?) Are you making aprons for all the little bakers? Can't wait to see how it all turns out! Good luck!

Casey Gentle said...

I'd like an invite to that party! I bet it will be a blast. If you decide to make aprons, I'd be glad to help. I've got an awesome sewing machine that would LOVE it!

Katheryn said...

Becky - yep I am sewing aprons for everyone. It's been a lot bigger project than I thought it would be :) I'm not exactly all that great of a seamstress.

Casey - I wish I had known that. I'm almost finished with them now. My machine is not really all that great, so now that I know you have an awesome one, I think I'll be coming to visit you to do whatever sewing project I try next!

Kim Jarvis said...

1. I have done the same exact thing with my kids - told them to go get a dirty shirt out for a quick picture!

2. Wish we could come!

3. She doesn't look stinky at all.

4. GREAT party idea!

5. I already have the perfect digital scrapbooking kit! And yes, I do sometimes plan parties around kits that I have been wanting to use!