Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Gratitude Journal

Like many others this month, I have kept a daily record of things that I am grateful for.  These are only a few snapshot items/moments that make my heart filled with thanks.

11/1/2011 – I am grateful to have a piano and that my kids are showing an interest in learning how to play.

11/2/2011 – I am grateful for speedy mechanics that changed my oil and rotated my tires in less than 30 minutes.

11/3/2011 – I am grateful for word of mouth advertising that helped me get a wedding scheduled for next May.

11/4/2011 – I am grateful for laughter – sometimes it is the only thing that can help me get through a bad day.

11/5/2011 – I am grateful for a warm jacket, gloves, and scarf to wear out at the ball field – it was freezing out there!

11/6/2011 – I am grateful to have felt the spirit during Church and for reminders that I need to try harder to follow God’s commands.

11/7/2011 – I am grateful that my dental work is going to cost less than I thought. And I’m grateful that it stopped raining right before I had to go pick up the kids from school

11/8/2011 – I am grateful for a mother-in-law that is so willing to help out with babysitting whenever I need it.

11/9/2011 – I am grateful for the invention of ibuprofen.

11/10/2011 – I am grateful for Layton and the crazy things he says to make me laugh.

11/11/2011 – I am grateful to have so many things that I am able to give some of them away.

11/12/2011 – I am grateful for all the photo sessions I have this month. It sure will help in paying for Christmas!

11/13/2011 – I am grateful for how girly Mandy is and how much fun we have together making crafts. Especially when it involves lots and lots of sparkles and glitter :)

11/14/2011 – I am grateful for Dallin wanting to do his very best at sports. I love to see him working hard and learning to be better.

11/15/2011 – I am grateful for wonderful friends. Life would be dreary without wonderful friends.

11/16/2011 – I am grateful for people that have great ideas and are willing to share them with everyone on the internet.

11/17/2011 – I am grateful that I can work from home and arrange my schedule to fit my kids’ school activities.

11/18/2011 – I am grateful that almost every time Dallin gets a treat at school he always saves part of it to bring home and share with Layton and Mandy.

11/19/2011 – I am grateful for a husband that likes to go out and do things that the kids enjoy even if it is not all that fun for him.

11/20/2011 – I am grateful that I live close enough to my family that we can easily travel there in only a few hours.

11/21/2011 – I am grateful that just like Nephi, I can say that I was born of goodly parents.

11/22/2011 – I am grateful that my kids have so many cousins that they love to play with. I am also grateful that when we travel Nathan usually drives because he knows I don’t like to.

11/23/2011 – I am grateful for time to do fun things with my children.

11/24/2011 – And today I am most especially grateful for my family. With them life is never dull, is filled with laughter, contains tons of hugs, and I can’t imagine life without them.



Laurel Shaw said...

That is such a great idea!
I may have to do that next year!:)
I hope you guys had very HAPPY THANKSGIVING and ate lots and lots of YUMMY food!

Grampa said...

I am so grateful that I didn't go out during midnight madness last night ;), and,I'm grateful that those that did were willing to suffer through the madness.

Becky Shuler said...