Monday, November 28, 2011

Skate Station

A couple of months ago at the kid’s elementary school  fall festival they had a silent auction.  I put a bid on a family pass with pizza/drinks to Skate Stations.  I was the only one that bid on it, it was pretty low bid, and there was another hour left before they closed the bidding, so I knew I wouldn’t win it.  But surprise – I did!

So after the end of baseball season, we finally had a chance to take the kids to enjoy some miniature golfing!


They had a great time and


Dallin even got a hole in one!


Nathan and I had a little competition between the two of us.  Let’s just say it wasn’t my best idea.


Nathan stomped me pretty badly.

After enjoying (I’m really stretching that word by the way) some pizza for lunch, Dallin wanted to do a little skating.  So we rented the skates and then Dallin took one step onto the rink and decided he didn’t want to do it.  I did serious eye rolling at this point and went skating on my own.  Nathan even took a picture of my best side for me.


After doing a little practicing on the carpet, Dallin decided he would give it a try.  So hand in hand, away we went!


With many falls and lots of effort, Dallin finally started to get the hang of it and by the end was skating on his own. 


He even got so confident that he could wave and skate at the same time :)


Now he begs us all the time to take him skating again.  And we did.  Last Wednesday.  And I skated with him.  And then I fell.  And really bruised my knee.  I hate getting old and being less coordinated….


Laurel Shaw said...

You are brave! But it looks like alot of fun!!
Congrats to Dallin on his hole in one! So baseballs over?? We wanted to catch a game. Time flys, i can't believe we missed it!

Nana said...

I'm glad he faced his fears!

Kim Jarvis said...

I was born uncoordinated! At least with skating!

Stacy said...

I cannot rollerskate, but I can rollerblade... no idea why! Although, it's been so long I wonder if I could even do that!

Ilene said...

You are so brave. Paul wanted to go fo his birthday. I said NO WAY, I can actually picture myself falling and already feel the broken bones. What happened to my youth? I use to love going roller skating as a teen.